IATI Tables is our tool that lets people query all the IATI data using SQL and download all the IATI data in various formats (SQlite, CSV, Postgresql dump) for querying locally. It will be changing slightly in early 2024.

A change users will notice is that currently users download files from a Digital Ocean URL. The URL you download files from will change to a new one. Because of this, if you have any URLs saved they may break. The links on the tool’s main page will always be correct - so if you have any problems downloading files please go to the main page and get the latest download link.

Another change is to our hosting. Users should not notice this, as the functionality of the app should stay the same. We will be moving to new hosting. Our new hosting is more resilient, more secure and has better monitoring on it to automatically notify us of any problems. Moving to this new hosting will ensure the sustainability of IATI Tables and allow us to develop new features on it in the future.