Datastore Classic: building on the progress we’ve made in strengthening data use

27th October 2021

An update on progress and use of Datastore Classic over recent months, and a recommendation to continue support in the coming year.

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Introducing IATI Data Bugtracker

21st October 2021

A public log of issues with IATI data and metadata

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Introducing Datastore Classic

8th April 2021

We revamped the original IATI Datastore and launched a public instance.

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A status dashboard for IATI services

17th August 2020

Sometimes, web services break. When that happens, it’s helpful to be made aware as soon as possible.

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Making codelists more accessible

10th February 2020

This post introduces a new site to access replicated codelists, which may be useful for those using IATI data.

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Working with data in multiple currencies: exchange rates data

3rd February 2020

This post discusses tools developed to make it easier to use data published in different currencies.

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Hello, World!

27th January 2020

Welcome to Code for IATI! Learn more about what we’re trying to do and how you can get involved.

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