Tools and guidance contributed by community members, in support of IATI infrastructure, publishers and data users.

Making codelists more accessible
10th February 2020

This post introduces a new site to access replicated codelists, which may be useful for those using IATI data.

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A monthly call with 5 minute presentations to share new IATI tech.

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A frequently updated store of replicated codelists and APIs relevant to IATI data users.

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Perform historical exchange rate calculations in your browser.

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Uptime monitoring dashboard for IATI services.

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Python toolkit for using IATI data. It includes a query language wrapper around XPath, to make dealing with disparate IATI versions easier.

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Find organisation identifiers for IATI organisations.

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A daily snapshot of all IATI data on the IATI Registry.

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Transform IATI v1.0x data to the latest version of the IATI standard.

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Produce IATI data in spreadsheet format, targeted at aid recipient governments.

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A bot that helps with the day-to-day maintenance of some codeforIATI projects.

Guidance on current approaches to integrating IATI data into aid recipient country systems.


A github board for proposing and tracking new project ideas.

A proxy service that adds CORS to IATI registry data, so that it can be reused more easily.