Tools and guidance contributed by community members, in support of IATI infrastructure, publishers and data users.

Blog post Datastore Classic: building on the progress we’ve made in strengthening data use
27th October 2021

An update on progress and use of Datastore Classic over recent months, and a recommendation to continue support in the coming year.

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Use SQL to search the complete IATI data, including non-standard attributes and extensions directly into the live d-portal database, in a modern browser.


Check whether an IATI activity identifier exists in the IATI registry.


A fork of IATI’s dashboard, upgraded to python3 and with some bugfixes in place.


Python3 library for reading IATI activities from D-Portal or an XML file/URL. Wraps the XML with Python objects.

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IATI Datastore Classic is a fork of the original IATI Datastore, hosted and maintained by codeforIATI.


Generate a private d-preview site with IATI xml.

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IATI Historical data statistics generated by D-portal. Includes graphs and element usage with links to current live data.


IATI Switcheroo converts data bidirectionally from IATI XML to JSON or CSV and back again. Supports full round-trip format conversion and flattened csv.

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Javascript module and data to perform historical currency exchange. Freechange gathers and displays historical exchange rates.

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A github board for proposing and tracking new project ideas.

Guidance on current approaches to integrating IATI data into aid recipient country systems.


Produce IATI data in spreadsheet format, targeted at aid recipient governments.

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Transform IATI v1.0x data to the latest version of the IATI standard.

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A daily snapshot of all IATI data on the IATI Registry.

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Find organisation identifiers for IATI organisations.

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Python toolkit for using IATI data. It includes a query language wrapper around XPath, to make dealing with disparate IATI versions easier.

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Perform historical exchange rate calculations in your browser.

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A frequently updated store of replicated codelists and APIs relevant to IATI data users.

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